Mr. Bear

I am a member of Mrs's Green's class in an elementary school in Mississippi. She wanted to teach her kids about geography and travel.

She did not have time to research and plan the trip so she gave me an outfit and permission to travel around and report back. I travel real cheap because I get people who are already on a trip to take me with them!

I started out from a welcome station in Mississippi and expect to finish up next Spring. Maybe I'll see you on the road!

The manandwoman at Avocado Flats have put up this page to help keep a record of my travels.

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Mr Bear made it OK!

Butch Nobles sent an email June 15 1997 that said:
Mr. Bear made it home the last week of school. ... they were in reading and heard a tap-tap on the window. There was Mr. Bear! He was kind of tired but had lots of souvenirs from his trip. One was from some college kids, an earring. His plans are to rest this summer with Ms Green, and hit the road again this fall.