The Saga of Avocado Flats

Updated 25 Sep 2000

The Bear

I am a bear nearly 4 inches tall. I have been putting stuff in the computer by hopping from key to key for over fifteen years now. I live in Texas, near Brownsville.We live out in the country in the remnants of an avocado grove that was planted before they discovered South Texas can freeze over.I look out for two helpless creatures, the man and the woman. Together they are the manandwoman. He is retired Navy, she is retired Army. They unwatch the Army-Navy Game together.

At our house we have lots of animals, some avocado trees, and friendly neighbor cats that visit our cats to dine.The man has part-time employment (work is a four-letter word) at theGladys Porter Zoo down in Brownsville, Texas. He nursemaids about twenty computers and the folks who use them and occasionally gets to write programs in Foxpro.The woman is a CNM (Certified Nurse-Midwife) and works part-time for Planned Parenthood of Hidalgo County and ad hoc for other agencies. She is in training for retirement, but, she is using up her spare time writing multimedia programs for the Zoo's Kiosk Program. The man keeps her on track.

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