The ManAndWoman

The ManandWoman

a.k.a. Leo & Beth

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The man and woman get more alike every day! 340k AVI, 2 min+

Leo & Beth Wedding The ManAndWoman met in college. They were both attending the University of North Florida under the GI Bill. He asked her out at a Vet's Valentine's Day party. She said he could take her to a church party thinking he would never accept. He went, insulted the preacher defending her honor and they became one when that preacher married them on the Campus at UNF. Here they are right after the wedding. They stopped the barbecue, got married, then went back to dancing to a C&W band!

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Here they are almost twenty years after the wedding, ready to attend the wedding of the man's granddaughter, Nikki. Haven't changed a bit.

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