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Ethridge and Lula were married in 1921(?). They farmed on shares and, in the custom of the times, proceeded to raise their own farm hands. The first six children were born in Georgia. In 1934? they moved to Florida and had three more. The children are listed below with a short history as it comes to me. I am sure it is inaccurate. I am sure my grandchildren are more ignorant than I, hence the thumbnail biographies.
Louis - Southern California. The eldest. Born Nov 1923? Was in the Army Air Corps in WWII. In Australia, New Guinea, and Phillipines. In 1948 joined the new US Air Force and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant. One daughter
Leon - Southern Louisiana. Born ?? 1925. Started work as oil field welder in Sunnyland, Fla in 48. Retired as VP of Taylor Divers, (Brown & Root). Put down pipelines in North Sea, Alaska, Bahrein. Two sons.
Madeline Madeline - North Central Florida. Born Dec 1926?. Husband Richard retired as LtCol from USAF JAG Corps. Active in Girl Scouts and other community activities. Quilts.
Lutie Lutie - Southern Louisiana. Born 1928? Married a man with entrepeneurial spirit. Has managed ice houses, welding services, hauling, wire-line services. Many years in Louisiana, esp Grand Isle. Bookkeeper and artist. Currently CNA. Seven sons, one girl.
Laura Laura - Eastern Louisiana. Born 1930. Married fisherman and lived on houseboat many years both in what is now the Everglades Nat'l Park and Cedar Key, Fl. Two sons, two daughters. Was bank VP. Currently CNA.
Lee Roy Lee Roy - Deceased. Born 1932. Retired from Navy as Chief Petty Officer. Loved boats, water and fishing. One of my best memories is the week we spent just fooling around the Intracoastal in his boat. One daughter.
Bum Thumbnail Leo - Deep South Texas. Born Apr 3, 1935. Retired from Navy as full Lieutenat (made all steps from Recruit). Currently run computer network (built same)for the Gladys Porter Zoo. For more see the Avocado Flats home page.
Patricia Patricia - Deceased. Born Sep 1939. Baby sister. Moved to Georgia when folks went back in 50's. Married there, later moved to Mississippi when her husband went into the oil fields. One son, one daughter.
David David - Born 1942?. Died in infancy.
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