Lots of Animals

(As of 25 Sep 2000 we have no dogs and three cats. The neighbor's cats are down to one. The below was posted in Aug 96.)

Dogs - We have two. They are named Lady and Phryne (pronounced Frinnie). Phryne is a Collie-Australian cross and Lady is a short, dignified, black and tan something. They came from the animal shelter in Harlingen. They were cell-mates. The summer of '85, the manandwoman went to get a dog. The woman liked Phryne and the man liked Lady so they compromised by taking them both! Phryne was a shy, gangly teenager and Lady was a mature spinster.(Dog Pictures)

Cats - Right now we have four if you don't count the two neighbor cats that come in and eat from our cats' dishes. (Our cats & dogs tolerate them until the man or woman cames in. Then they will run them off!) Kallysta (Callie) is the semi-calico granddaughter of our first cat Serendipity. Donnie and Marie are brother and sister tabby cats that were picked up at the feed store some years back. Azul (aka WhiteCat) is all white with blue eyes. She came to stay when the neighbors went on vacation and never went back home. She has an interesting history. (Cat Pictures)

We have a bunch of chickens (or is that a flock?) and varying numbers of guinea fowl. They roam free and the man refers to them as 'mobile shrubbery'. He has a brown thumb and can't get plants to live unless he leaves them alone. The guineas troop the neighborhood twice a day. Occasionally one gets pressed by a pickup but the man down the road likes pressed guinea fowl so they aren't wasted.

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