The Trek of Ole 97
The mandandwoman try to get back east and see friends and relatives every now and then. I go along to make sure they don't get lost. Highlights of our 97 trip are presented for your browsing.

AvoFlats Home The first day (Sunday, Oct 6) brought us to Jennings, La where we spent the night. We had the usual rain. It was also the manandwoman's eighteenth wedding anniversary.
Monday night - Lois Bruce and the woman went through midwifery school together. She and Walter were like local parents. They live in Mississippi.
Jimmy S Jimmy and Kitty Stinson are old friends. We met them when they were missionarying in the valley. We stayed with them from Tuesday evening till Friday morning.
Friday afternoon to Monday Morning we stay with Vanessa in Georgetown SC. It is about an hour north of Charleston at the mouth the Sampit River. The Intracostal Waterway runs by the foot of Vanessa's lane.
Monday PM thru Thursday we stay in Tallahassee Florida. It is in the rolling country at the beginning of West Florida. It was chosen as the site for the capital before southern Florida was populated because it was equidistant from Jacksonville and Pensacola.
The man's daughter, believe it or not, is now a grandmother. That makes the man a great grandfather. The manandwoman had not seen the baby before this trip. They spent Thursday through Sunday with Lita and her family, leaving Monday, October 20.
While visiting the man's sister and brother in Louisiana, Coq (the woman) had a chance to meet Wicked Witch
When we got to the Texas line we stopped to get a map. It's free and they might have changed the roads while we were away. Along with the map, we picked up a hitch-hiker!